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Zhengzhou Shunxin Engineering Equipment Co., Ltd Leading Organic Fertilizer Plant Designer (SEEC for Short)is located in Zhengzhou, China. It mainly produces compost turner used in manure composting system and various organic fertilizer processing machines. In addition to manure to fertilizer equipment, we also provide professional advice on composting and plans on commercial animal manure fertilizer production. We insist on providing efficient fertilizer making machines and quality service.


Fertilizer Production Line
Fertilizer Production Line


Cow Dung Compost Production Line
Cow Dung Compost Production Line

Why should we deal with animal waste by composting and making fertilizer?

As we all know, animal manure contains much nutrient elements, which is beneficial for soil and plants. After proper treatment, you can use it as organic fertilizer. As a professional manure to fertilizer equipment manufacturer, ShunXin provides various efficient machines to deal with animal manure.  We believe composting and making organic fertilizer are bests ways for animal waste disposal. On the one hand, making fertilizer by composting can realize the recycling of  animal manure. On the other hand, it can also decrease pollution. Because the long-time stacking will produce amount of odor and lead to manure nutrient losses. Shunxin provides the following solutions for you. They are suitable for both manure management on the farm (livestock manure, poultry manure, chicken manure, pig manure, cow dung and so on) and commercial fertilizer production from animal manure in the fertilizer factories.

How to dispose animal manure by composting

By composting, organic matters in animal wastes will be decomposed to nutrients that can be directly absorbed by plants. In order to make a successful compost, you should do:

  • Collecting animal wastes, adjusting moisture and adding bulking materials ( such as straw powder, rich hull powder and sawdust, etc.)
  • Making compost piles in long rows or piling animal wastes in the fermentation grooves
  • Turing compost pile regularly with composting equipment(groove type compost turner, compost windrow turner)

And the detailed examples are as below. You can find specific instruction on procedures and equipment selection.


Chicken Manure Composting System

How to Make Chicken Manure Compost

Making compost is an efficient way to recycle chicken manure. In order to make quality compost, you need pay more ...
Trench Composting for Horse Manure Management

Manure Composting System

Composting is the prior choice for most people to deal with animal manure, such as livestock manure and poultry manure ...
SEEC self-propelled compost turner to Peru

Poultry Composting Machine

Aerobic composting is good way to deal with various poultry manure. When you compost poultry manure, poultry composting machine can ...
Cow Dung Compost Production Line

How to Make Cow Dung Compost

In order to deal with cow dung and realize effective utilization, composting will be a good idea. During composting, the ...
Crawler type compost turner for goat manure production

How to Compost Goat Manure

In order to fully utilize goat manure, people often compost goat manure to get harmless compost and apply it to ...
Self-propelled compost turner for chicken manure composting

How to Compost Pig Manure

In order to fully utilize pig manure and manage pig wastes, you can use pig manure as organic fertilizer by ...

Solutions for animal waste disposal—Manure to fertilizer Production line

Besides composting, you can also make commercial fertilizer from animal wastes, including bagged fertilizer powder and bagged fertilizer pellets from animal manure. Making animal manure compost fertilizer is simple, you just need to package composted animal manure after crushing and screening. In terms of granular animal manure fertilizer production, you may need to do more works. After composting crushing and screening, you should adopt organic fertilizer granulator to deeply process animal manure compost. Meanwhile, granular fertilizer is popular due to its convenience for storage, transportation and application. In addition, you can learn about how to make fertilizer from animal waste in the following articles.


Chicken poo fertilizer production line with new type organic fertilizer drum granulator

Organic Fertilizer Making Machine

Organic fertilizer machine is mainly used for making useful fertilizer from organic wastes. The common organic waste includes livestock manure, ...
Compost fertilizer making process and equipment

Compost Fertilizer Making Machine

Compost fertilizer making machine is the most important factor in the process, where organic waste becomes organic fertilizer by composting ...
Small Scale Organic Fertilizer Production Line

Small Scale Organic Fertilizer Production

Organic fertilizer production is an efficient way to deal with various organic waste, especially for animal manure. On the one ...
Livestock Manure Fertilizer Production Line

How to Manage Poultry Waste

Reasonable poultry waste disposal methods and equipment are important to mange poultry waste. As a manure to fertilizer equipment manufacturer, ...
Vertical Type Cow Dung Powder Making Machine

Cow Dung Powder Making Machine

Cow dung powder fertilizer production is an efficient way to deal with cow manure. Meanwhile, this production is easy to ...
Poultry farm waste management process line 5 ton per hour

Pig Manure Management

Pig manure management is a serious problem for pig farm or some manure composting factories. In view of excellent nutrient ...
New Developed Goat Manure Compost Pellet Machine

Livestock Manure Management

In terms of livestock manure management, using livestock manure as organic fertilizer will be the best choice. And the detailed ...
Chain plate type compost turner for fermentation grooves

How to Turn Horse Manure into Fertilizer

Composting is an effective way to turn horse manure into organic fertilizer. By composting, parasites and weeds seeds in the ...
Cow manure fertilizer pellets production line with pan granulator

Cow Dung Fertilizer Machine

As we all know, making cow dung fertilizer is a good way to utilize cow dung. However, how to make ...
Low-investment farm waste compost fertilizer manufacturing process

Farm Waste Management Plan

Farm waste management plan is mainly used for dispose degradable farm waste, such as poultry manure, livestock manure and bedding ...

Manure to fertilizer machines for you to dispose animal wastes

After knowing how to convert convert animal manure to fertilizer, you may need to choose some fertilizer equipment as your assistants. With the help of Shunxin manure to fertilizer machines, you can greatly improve working efficiency and fertilizer quality.  Shunxin manure separator can adjust moisture in manure to 30% to 40% in a short time. Then, composting machines will help you to make quality compost in 20 to 30 days. Next, compost crusher and screen will make compost into uniform powder. Similarly, Shunxin fertilizer granulator will produce fertilizer pellets with beautiful appearance and uniform sizes. Finally, fertilizer packing machine can orderly make bagged fertilizer. What’s more, you can choose different equipment combination during manure to fertilizer production. 


SEEC Hammer fertilizer crusher

Compost Shredder Machine

SEEC compost shredder machine is featured with high efficiency, wide applicability, compact structure and long service life. You can use ...
Windrow composting

Compost Windrow Turner

Compost windrow turner is widely used in organic waste composting, especially for animal manure composting. It can efficiently adjust fermentation ...
easy-to-operate pan granulator

Manure Pellet Machine

Manure pellet machine is a main element in commercial manure to fertilizer production. After granulation, animal manure will become spherical ...
Wheel type compost turner for sale

Manure Processing Machinery

Among animal manure disposal methods, manure drying, making compost and commercial animal manure fertilizer production are the most common solutions ...
Manure Bagging Machine

Manure Bagging Machine

Manure bagging machine is an important equipment in commercial products production. It is available in complete manure drying system, compost ...
Chicken Manure Fertilizer Dryer

Manure Drying Machine

Manure drying machine is an efficient machine in manure management system. On the one hand, you can utilize manure dryer ...
Chicken Dewatering Machine of Manure Composting System

Cow Dung Dewatering Machine

Cow dung dewatering machine is mainly used for removing extra water from fresh manure. Generally speaking, the water content of ...
New Developed Goat Manure Compost Pellet Machine

Chicken Manure Pellet Machine

Chicken manure pellet machine is an important equipment to produce commercial chicken manure fertilizer pellets. In view of its nutrient ...

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