Moving type compost turner/Self-propelled compost turner

Can we have a cabin on the moving type compost turner?

Yes. But you should pay for the addition of the cabin. (Note: There is no cabin on the moving type compost turner)

Does the motor works with water?

Yes. There is a water tank on the machine. You need to add water.

What kind of oil is used as fuel?

Diesel oil.

What kind of lubrication is available?

Normal butter is fine.

Does the rotary shaft of moving type and crawler type compost turner have same speed?

The rotary shaft speed of moving type compost turner is 2200r/min; that of crawler type compost turner is 2400r/min.

Crawler type compost turner/ Windrow compost turner

Does windrow compost turner have adjustable rotating speed?

Yes. Its maximum rotating speed is 2200 r/min. And its working speed is 6-10m/min.

Does windrow compost turner have water spraying system, including piping, nozzles and pump?

If you need, we can equip it with spraying system, which can add water to compost pile during fermentation.

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