For dealing with high-moisture organic waste, the first step is to remove extra water. This kind of organic waste includes cow manure, pig manure and some farm wastes. By screw extrusion, it can realize the dehydration of organic wastes. Tongda  produces two types manure separators, solid liquid separator and inclined screen for solid liquid separation. According to our experience, we summarize the following questions. And we hope they are useful to you.

Inclined screen for solid-liquid separation
Inclined screen for solid-liquid separation

1.  What’s the capacity of manure separator?

The input of organic waste: 8-15 cubic meters per hour.

The output of dehydrated organic waste: 1.5-3 cubic meters per hour.

2. What’s the materials of the whole machine?

All parts that contact with organic waste adopt SUS 304 ( such as hopper screen and  auger).

3. Is it adopts explosion-proof motor ?


4. Is the pressure (dehydrating level) increased by hand with tools or is it electric ?

You need to adjust the pressure of manure separator by hand with tools.

5. What’s the  moisture of organic waste after dehydrating?

Generally speaking, it ranges from 25% to 40%. But you can adjust it according to your actual requirements.

6. What’s the hp of electric motor and the available voltage(110 V/220 V)?

The motor power is 4 Kw. The voltage can be designed and adjusted according your requirements.

7. What’s the size of liquid outlet hole?

Its diameter is 76 mm.

8. What’s the size of screen mesh?

Its size is 0.3-0.5 mm. And the customized size can achieve 0.1-0.3 mm.

9. Where can I use separated liquid from animal manure?

You can make bio-gas from it.

10. How to deal with organic waste after dewatering?

You can make a compost pile and produce organic waste compost, which can be used as organic fertilizer. Then, you can make bagged fertilizer powder or pellets for commercial purpose.

Note: During composting, the content of animal manure is at least 60%.

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