Rotary drum granulator

Do we need the polishing machine after the rotary drum granulator?

It is not necessary. Because the pellets made by rotary drum granulator are uniform and good enough.

What is the function of coat machine after granulating?

The coat machine can add coating to the surface of fertilizer pellets, so as to efficiently prevent fertilizer caking. Generally speaking, the coating materials are powdery or liquid.

Pan/Disc granulator

What’s the moisture content of raw materials for granulating?

Before granulating, you should make sure the raw material moisture content is about 30%.

Can moisture of fertilizer be below 10% after granulating?

No. After granulating, the moisture of fertilizer pellets is about 20%. You can adopt rotary drum drying machine to reduce the moisture.

How about pan granulator’s capacity in making 1-5mm fertilizer pellets?

Its granulation rate can achieve 93%. With proper moisture adjustment, you can make quality 1-5mm fertilizer pellets.

How to control the size of fertilizer pellets during granulating?

There are two ways to adjust the size of fertilizer pellets: control the moisture and adjust the inclination of granulating disc. You can control moisture by spray system on the pan granulator. The higher moisture content, the larger the pellets. On the other hand, the inclination of granulating disc is adjustable. The higher the slop, the smaller the fertilizer pellets.

Can disc granulator be used for making both organic fertilizer and compound fertilizer pellets?

Yes. It is efficient equipment in fertilizer production.

What is the steel type of the disc granulator?

Q235B boiler steel.

For making foundation of disc granulator, what is its dynamic bearing capacity?

Its dynamic bearing capacity is 5tons.

New type organic fertilizer granulator

What’s moisture of raw materials before granulating and after granulating?

Before granulating, the moisture should be about 30%. And after granulating, it should be 15% – 20%.

What is the rate of raw materials and finished product?

The conglomeration rate is about 97%

What’s the suitable size of raw materials for granulating?

50-200 mesh, and the 100 mesh is best.

What’s material of stirring tooth in new type granulator?

Manganese steel

What’s the temperature of granulated organic fertilizer?

It is about 40 degree centigrade.

How long will it take for whole granulation process?

From feeding to discharging, it will take about 3-5 minutes.

What is the advantage for this organic fertilizer granulator?

  • The hardness of granules will be better than those made by pan granulator or rotary drum granulator.
  • The rate of granules with bigger size is less than 10%.
  • This granulator has stepless speed regulation function.

How to change the stirring teeth when they are broken?

You can replace them from the observation window on the main body. And the detailed operation is as shown in the picture.

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