Poultry Composting Machine

Aerobic composting is good way to deal with various poultry manure. When you compost poultry manure, poultry composting machine can help you to adjust fermentation conditions and accelerate composting period. There are three composting methods and multiple compost turners for you to choose. And they are available for both farm wastes treatment and organic fertilizer factory. In addition, you can also produce commercial poultry manure compost fertilizer by crushing, screening and packing.

Suitable poultry manure aerobic composting systems and corresponding poultry composting machines

Poultry manure aerobic composting is an efficient way to manage poultry waste. Before composting, you should collect poultry manure and prepare some C-rich bulking agent. Poultry manure has the highest nitrogen content, so you need to add C rich materials (such as sawdust, corn stalk powder, rich hull powder and so on) to adjust C/N ratio to 25:1/30:1. At the same time, the C-rich bulking agent can not only adjust water content (it usually has strong water absorption), but also can improve aeration. According to our experience, the common and suitable aerobic systems include windrow poultry waste composting, composting poultry waste in fermentation grooves and composting poultry manure by in vessel composter.

Straw powder( C rich material)
Straw powder( C rich material)

Chicken manure as raw materials
Chicken manure as raw materials

Sawdust as auxiliary material for composting poultry manure
Sawdust as auxiliary material for composting poultry manure

Windrow poultry composting with windrow compost turner

Windrow composting is easy to operate and has less requirements on space. After preparing materials, you can mix them (7:3) together, and pile them in long rows. In order to make quality poultry manure compost, you can regularly turn the compost pile by windrow compost turner.

SEEC self-propelled compost turner to Peru
SEEC self-propelled compost turner to Peru

There are two types windrow compost turner for you to choose. One is self-propelled compost turner, and the other is crawler type compost turner. Both of them just need one person to drive. They can finish turning and mixing materials. In addition, we can equip them with spray device, which is convenient for moisture adjustment of compost pile during composting. The self-propelled compost turner has four wheels, which is flexible and suitable for operation in different sites. Different with it, crawler type compost turner is more stable due to its rubber track chassis. Its capacity ranges from 500m3 to 1800m3.

Composting poultry waste in fermentation grooves with groove type compost turner

Unlike windrow composting, you need to build fermentation grooves under this condition. The fermentation groove consists of three walls, which has good effects on heat preservation. The height of materials shouldn’t be over the depth of fermentation groove. Or the poultry manure will flow out during turning.

If you decide to compost poultry manure in fermentation groove, you can design the size of grooves according to the model of groove type poultry composting machine. In view of this point, you can tell us the volume of poultry manure and space you have. And our engineer can recommend compost turner of suitable model. Groove type compost turner is suitable for all composting sizes, and easy to operate. There are also wheel type compost turner for large scale manure composting and chain plate type compost turner for commercial poultry manure compost production. All of them utilize electricity, and have adjustable turning speeds.

Chain plate type compost turner for fermentation grooves
Chain plate type compost turner for fermentation grooves

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Composting poultry manure by in vessel composter

If you do not like composting poultry manure in the open air, we will recommend adopting SEEC in vessel composter. It belongs to automatic composting equipment.

Fermentation tank for sale
Fermentation tank for sale

Via in vessel composter, you can get rid of odor, heat produced during composting, long fermentation period and huge space. After mixing poultry manure and auxiliary materials evenly, you can put them into in vessel composter. This automatic poultry composting machine can automatically finish regularly turning of materials, addition of oxygen by air supply system, temperature monitor by temperature sensor and odor management by deodorization system. There is PLC control system, which can monitor the real-time conditions in the fermenter pot. About 7 to 10 days, you can get quality compost from the discharge port. What’s more, it will save more space than the former two composting methods.

How to compost poultry manure with coconut coir

Coconut coir is also a kind of materials, which can be used as organic fertilizer after professional process. In addition, it has a good a good air and water permeability. Therefore, you can use it as auxiliary materials (bulking agent) during composting poultry manure. In order to guarantee the fermentation effect, you can make coconut coir into small particles. Here, you can adopt SEEC straw crusher, which can make bulking agent into powder (rice hull, cornstalk, straw and so on). After crushing, you can mix them together, and the ratio between manure and coconut coir is 8:2/9:1.


You should pile crushed coconut coir and poultry manure in long windrows. The height and width are usually 0.6 m to 1.8m and 2m. The length of windrows should be as long as possible. Or you can arrange compost pile according to poultry composting machine adopted. What’s more, you can make a shed over the compost pile or place it indoors. Because snow, rain and other bad weathers will influence the composting period and destroy nutrients.

Windrow Compost Turner Work in the Poultry Farm
Windrow Compost Turner Work in the Poultry Farm


After piling, these windrows will heat up in 48 or 72 hours. When the temperature reaches 60℃, you should turn the poultry manure compost pile regularly to release extra heat and add oxygen. In addition, the turning of compost pile can mix the interior poultry manure with exterior materials evenly, so as to ensure uniformity of fermentation. Via compost turner, the fermentation process can be shortened to 20 to 30 days. When the temperature of poultry manure never changes and stays at ambient temperature, odor disappears and the poultry manure becomes loose and black, it shows that the fermentation is finished. After being placed for several days, poultry manure compost can be used as organic fertilizer directly.

If you want to make commercial poultry manure compost fertilizer, what procedures and machines should you adopt?

After aerobic composting with poultry composting machine, poultry manure will become quality compost. In addition, you can make commercial poultry manure compost fertilizer after some simple operations, which can increase your income. The complete production process includes: crushing process —screening process— packing process. In order to make the process go smoothly, you may need to use the following poultry manure fertilizer machines:

Chicken waste disposal equipment for fermentation
Chicken waste disposal equipment for fermentation

Poultry compost crusher: Compost crusher is used for dealing with caking in poultry manure compost, so as to guarantee the uniformity of compost. You can adopt semi-wet material crusher and new type vertical crusher.

Compost screen: Rotary screen machine can select impurities and compost with unqualified size out. What’s more, the screening standard and levels are adjustable and customizable.

Packing machine: The former two processes are preparations for packing. SEEC compost packing machine can automatically finish feeding, filling and sewing fertilizer bags.

Effective waste management in small scale poultry farm-poultry composting machine

Honestly speaking, it is widely used for making poultry manure compost around the world. Therefore, as we know, the materials are always from poultry farms, especially small scale poultry farms. It can not only help you solve the pollution of poultry manure, but also bring benefits for you in a short time. Therefore, it is the best effective way to mange poultry waste.

On the other hand, it can be made into pellets fertilizer if you need fertilizer pellets in a small scale production capacity. If you want to produce it in a short time, our company can offer you the whole fertilizer production line. If you need other information, please contact us as soon as possible.

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