Manure drying machine is an efficient machine in manure management system. On the one hand, you can utilize manure dryer remove extra water from fresh manure, so as to provide convenience for storage, transportation and organic fertilizer production. On the other hand, it is also important in granular organic fertilizer production line. Because organic fertilizer granulating usually adopts wet granulation, which will increase moisture of fertilizer pellets. By drying, extra moisture of granulated manure fertilizer will be removed, and pellets can be bagged directly. In addition to manure management, manure dryer equipment is also available for other materials, such as coal dust, soybean residue, sludge, pomace, vinasse (distillers’ grains) and so on. As rotary dryer manufacturer, SEEC produces rotary drum dryer machine with high efficiency and long service life. Its working principle, process and function will be introduced in the following parts.

How does manure drying machine work during managing fresh manure?

SEEC manure dryer machine decreases moisture of fresh manure by make it contact with hot air. After drying, the moisture of manure will reach about 13%. Then, it is easy to storage and transportation.

Fertilizer Drier for Large Scale Organic Fertilizer Production
Fertilizer Drier for Large Scale Organic Fertilizer Production

Inner structure of rotary drum dryer machine
Inner structure of rotary drum dryer machine

Manufacturing process of SEEC manure drying machine
Manufacturing process of SEEC manure drying machine

Customized dryer machine
Customized dryer machine

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Main structures of rotary drum dryer

Rotary drum, speed reducer and motor make up SEEC rotary drum dryer machine. The rotary drum provides space for drying manure. And there are many plates inside the rotary drum, which can effectively prevent stacking of materials and make them contact with hot air fully. What’s more, the installation of rotary drum has certain inclination angle (3 degree to 5 degree), which can make manure move from one end to the other end when the drum is rotating. The motor provides power to make the drum rotate. At the same time, the speed reducer will convert power to suitable speed and increase torque, so as to provide continuous power for rotary drum.

Hot air furnace: As the heat source, hot air furnace is responsible for providing hot air for rotary drum. The range of fuel available is wide, including waste wood, coal, diesel, biomass fuel and natural gas (natural gas burner is necessary).
Belt conveyor: Its function is to send manure to rotary drum. Here, you can adopt screw conveyor or mobile belt conveyor.
Dust catcher: During drying manure, some dust is inevitable. You can adopt dust catcher to collect the dust generated, so as to prevent air pollution. Dust catcher includes cyclone dust collector, dust setting chamber and water curtain dust collector.
Induced draft fan: It will draw hot air to the other end, so as to make sure even and enough heat in the rotary drum. On the other hand, it also can dispel waste air in time.

The working process of manure drying machine

Screw conveyor sends wet manure to rotary dryer. Then the manure slowly goes through the rotary drum after fully contact with hot air. You can collect dried manure in the discharge port of rotary drum. And the waste air produced will be managed by dust catcher. To be honest, the drying machine is easy to operate. If you adopt it in organic fertilizer pellets production line, you can connect manure granulating equipment with mobile belt conveyor. And the dried manure fertilizer pellets will be directly sent to cooling process.

Important factors in using rotary drum dryer—Moisture and size control

The moisture of manure for drying is usually controlled below 70%. And the moisture of dried manure is about 13%. Sometimes, farm owner may clean manure by rinsing, and the water content will be over 70%. In terms of this situation, you can adopt manure separator to remove extra water. Because manure separator just can reduce moisture to 30%-40%. If you want to make dry manure, rotary drum dryer is also necessary. In addition, the particle size of manure also influences the drying results. You can adopt SEEC semi-wet material crusher to deal with manure with caking, so as to make uniform manure and improve drying efficiency.

Why should you adopt rotary drum dryer machine to deal with manure?

If you have a livestock or poultry farm, you will find that animal manure not only occupy much space but also release odor. There are two methods to deal with it, composting and drying. By composting, you can use manure as fertilizer. But it will cost you about one month to make compost, under the help of compost turner. If you want to sell it, you may need build a compost fertilizer production line. However, if you deal with animal manure with manure dry machine, you can get dried manure with 13% water content. On the one hand, it is convenient for storage, you can use it to make compost at any time. On the other hand, dried manure is available for transportation, you can sell them to others. Compared with composting animal manure, drying manure will save more time and space for you.

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Why manure drying machine is important in granular organic fertilizer production?

Drying process is essential in commercial organic fertilizer pellets production. It occurs after granulating process. Generally speaking, the moisture of composted manure for granulation is about 30%, that is also called wet granulation. But the standard moisture for final product is less than 10%. Therefore, you need to adopt fertilizer drying machine to remove extra water. The production capacity of SEEC fertilizer drying machine ranges from 1t/h to 18t/h. That is to say, it is suitable for both small- and large-scale organic fertilizer production.


SEEC manure drying machine can be used as poultry manure drying machine, chicken manure drying machine and cow dung drying machine. If you want to convert animal manure into money, you can adopt this kind of rotary dryer to make marketable dry manure.

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