Installation of Production Line

How many days do the assembly/operation/ training need?

About 30 to 50 days. It depends on the specific circumstances (the number of machines and local conditions, etc.). You should prepare necessary installation tools, such as crane and forklift.

How many engineers will be designated to assemble / operate machines and train our staff?

Normally, one engineer is enough.

What’s the height and space area for making organic fertilizer production line?

Both of them depends on the production capacity and the machines you choose. You can send your requirements to us, and we will make reasonable design and plan for you.

Workforce for the Operation of Organic Fertilizer Production Line

How many labors needed to operate the plant and level of skills and, as we need to start looking for appropriate staff as soon as possible?

One people for fermentation (He had better know about aerobic fermentation of organic waste, so as to control fermentation conditions in favorable levels);

One loader driver, send raw materials to the production line;

One staff operates the control box (to monitor the operation of whole production line), and he had better know about electricity;

Two people for packaging (no special requirements).

What other auxiliary tools or equipment the plant may need?

Loader or forklift (for raw materials feeding).

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