Chicken Waste Disposal Equipment

Chicken waste can become superior organic fertilizer by proper disposal. Aerobic composting will be your best choice to turn chicken poop into organic fertilizer. In addition, you can also make commercial organic fertilizer to sale by subsequent process, such as crushing, screening, granulating, packing and so on. In terms of chicken waste disposal equipment and process, we will make a detailed analysis below.

How to dispose chicken manure and convert it to good fertilizer?

You can dispose chicken manure by composting. Chicken manure contains much nutrient elements, but you cannot apply it to soil and plants directly. On the one hand, chicken waste is too strong, which may damage roots and even kill your plants. On the other hand, chicken waste contains pathogens, weed seeds and eggs, which will pollute plants and soil.

Compost fertilizer production line with chicken waste disposal equipment
Compost fertilizer production line with chicken waste disposal equipment

However, the heat generated by the degradation of organism during composting will kill mentioned harmful materials. After fully fermentation, chicken waste will become nutrient-rich compost, which is a good soil amendment and is good fertilizer for plants. If you want to make commercial chicken manure fertilizer, you can produce powdery or granular chicken manure fertilizer. And you may need chicken manure composting machine, compost crusher, compost screen, chicken manure granulator, fertilizer packaging machine and so on. All mentioned chicken manure disposal equipment will be you best assistants.

How to make organic fertilizer from chicken manure with chicken waste disposal equipment?

After composting, chicken waste can become chicken waste fertilizer, which can be used as base fertilizer. Then, you can deeply process it to make bagged chicken manure fertilizer powder or pellets. They are available for both chicken farm waste management and organic fertilizer factory.The necessary processes include:

Composting chicken waste

Compost Turner for Trench Composting
Compost Turner for Trench Composting

You need to pile up chicken manure and auxiliary materials (straw, sawdust and rice hull, etc.) on the ground or in fermentation grooves. And then you need to mix them evenly. When the temperature of compost pile reaches 60-70℃, you should start to turn it regularly. Finally, you can get high-quality chicken manure compost, when the temperature never change, odor disappears and the compost become loose and black.

Chicken waste disposal equipment for fermentation
Chicken waste disposal equipment for fermentation

For more information about SEEC compost turner, please contact us!

Crushing chicken manure compost

After long time stack, there may exist caking and bulks in the chicken manure compost. Therefore, we need to deal with chicken manure compost by compost crusher. On the one hand, you can make fine chicken manure fertilizer powder. On the other hand, fine fertilizer powder can make granulating process much smoother.

Screening process

This process is mainly for selecting out impurities, such as stone, undecomposed materials or larger things. The purity of chicken manure fertilizer also decides its quality. If you just want to produce chicken manure fertilizer powder, you can package it after screening. If you want to make organic chicken fertilizer pellets, you need to granulate it.

Granulating process

Crushing and screening are preparations for granulating process. Because fine and pure compost fertilizer is more easily for granulating. The granulating process is used for making pelleted chicken manure organic fertilizer. With the mechanical force and water, SEEC chicken manure pelleting equipment can convert powdery chicken manure fertilizer into uniform and beautiful pellets. Compared with fertilizer powder, fertilizer pellets are more convenient for application, storage and transportation.

Packaging process

Packing process is used for producing bagged chicken poop fertilizer. You can make 25kg or 50 kg for each bag. In this process, you can adopt SEEC fertilizer packaging machine, which can greatly improve packing efficiency and save workforce.

Chicken waste disposal equipment for making granular chicken manure fertilizer
If you want to make fertilizer production line , we can provide your professional design!


SEEC chicken waste disposal equipment for making organic fertilizer from chicken manure?

Now that the above-mentioned processes can help you to make chicken poop fertilizer, what equipment can we adopt to finish these works. As a professional organic fertilizer equipment manufacturer, we recommend the following chicken waste disposal equipment to you.

Chicken waste composting machine

Compost turner can evenly stir chicken waste heap. During composting, microorganisms will convert organic matters into nutrients by consuming oxygen, water and producing heat. By turning, the heat in the center of compost pile will be released and aerate compost pile, so as to accelerate composting process and improve quality of chicken manure compost.

  • Compost turner for turning chicken manure in fermentation groove: You need to build two or more grooves for placing chicken waste. The groove type compost turner will move on the paralleled walls of groove, while turning the chicken waste. You can control it by electric control cabinet.

Self-propelled compost turner for chicken manure composting
Self-propelled compost turner for chicken manure composting


  • Windrow compost turner for composting chicken waste: After collecting chicken manure, you can pile it up in long rows with auxiliary materials. You can decide the size by the model of windrow compost turner. Windrow compost turner is easy for operation and belongs to diesel powered machinery.

Crawler type compost turner for chicken waste disposal
Crawler type compost turner for chicken waste disposal

Pelleted chicken manure organic fertilizer making machines

As an important chicken waste disposal equipment, manure pellet machine is essential for commercial chicken poo fertilizer production. There are three types chicken manure granulators:

  • Disc granulator: Disc granulator adopts wet granulation. With the help of water, the rotating disc can convert chicken manure powder into pellets by centrifugal force. Meanwhile, with the rotation of disc, qualified pellets will overflow and smaller pellets will continue to become bigger.
  • New type chicken manure granulator: It belongs to closed granulating environment, which can produce less dust. It makes pellets by stirring force. Therefore, the pellets made by it has higher hardness.
  • Rotary drum stirring granulator: The pellets made by this granulator is more perfect on appearance and size. It can finish mixing, granulating and polishing.

In a word, all of them has higher granulation rate. And they are easy for operation and has higher working efficiency and multiple models.

Pan Granulator for Manure Compost Granules Making
Pan Granulator for Manure Compost Granules Making

New Developed Granulator for Organic Fertilizer Granulation
New Developed Granulator for Organic Fertilizer Granulation

Rotatry Drum Granulator Machine
Rotatry Drum Granulator Machine

Other necessary chicken waste disposal equipment for chicken waste management

  • Chicken manure dewatering machine: The suitable water content for composting is 50% to 60% (gripping a handful chicken manure, water strain can be seen, but without dropping and the chicken manure disperse once falling to the ground). Here you can adopt chicken manure dewatering machine, which can separate extra water from manure. Its minimum water content can achieve 30% to 40%.

  • Compost crusher and screen: SEEC new type vertical crusher and rotary screen machine can make fine and pure chicken manure fertilizer powder. The screening levels of compost screen usually are two or three.

Shunxin Compost Fertilizer Screening Machine in Stock
Shunxin Compost Fertilizer Screening Machine in Stock

  • Chicken manure pellets drying and cooling machines: They can remove extra moisture and maintain normal temperature of pellets. You can utilize hot blast furnace to supply hot air, and dust collector to collect produced dust.

Chicken Manure Fertilizer Dryer
Chicken Manure Fertilizer Dryer

What’s the cost of chicken waste disposal equipment?

There are three factors decide the cost of chicken waste disposal equipment, model (capacity), type of single equipment and the type and quantity of equipment for production line. The powdery chicken manure fertilizer production line needs less equipment, including composting equipment, compost crusher, compost screen and packing machine. On the contrary, chicken manure fertilizer pellets production is more complex, which includes compost turner, crushing equipment, screening machine, granulator, drying and cooling machine and packing machine. The selection of equipment and capacity of these equipment greatly influence the cost of chicken waste disposal.

In order to minimize the disposal cost, you can tell us your budget, disposal plan and actual requirements. Our engineer can design reasonable proposal and recommend suitable equipment to you.

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