Compost windrow turner is widely used in organic waste composting, especially for animal manure composting. It can efficiently adjust fermentation conditions by evenly turning compost pile, so as to accelerate composting period and improve compost quality. Windrow composting is easy to manage and operate. You just need place organic waste on the ground in long rows. Then regularly turn compost piles regularly. You will get quality compost fertilizer in a short time. And the detailed operations are as below.

Two types efficient compost windrow turner for animal waste composting

When you choose compost turning machine, what functions do you pay more attentions to? They may be capacity, energy consumption, operation and maintenance. SEEC, a manure to fertilizer equipment manufacturer, can provide you high-quality equipment and services. SEEC windrow compost turner includes crawler type compost turner and self-propelled compost turner. Both of them will be your best assistants in composting animal manure.

Crawler type manure composting equipment

Windrow composting
Windrow composting

SEEC crawler type compost turner adopts rubber track chassis, which can provide sufficient support for machine body during operation. In addition, its roller with stirring tooth and push plates adopt hydraulic drive, which can improve turning efficiency. During working, the crawler type compost turner will span over the compost pile. At the same time, its turning device will evenly stir and remix materials in the compost pile.

In addition to adjust fermentation conditions by turning, this kind of compost turner also can crush caking into small pieces. It uses diesel oil as fuel. Finally, you just need designate one person to operate this machine. The driver can monitor the whole machine in the driver’s cab that can isolate heat generated by composting and odor. It has four models, SEECLDF-2300, SEECLDF-2600, SEECLDF-3000 and SEECLDF-3000 (full hydraulic). Its turning speed is 6-10m/min. Ans its power ranges from 75hp to 143hp.


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Self-propelled compost turner (Moving type compost turner)

Crawler type compost turner for sale
Crawler type compost turner for sale

The design and structure of self-propelled compost turner is simpler than that of crawler type compost turner. It adopts four wheels, so it is flexible in operation. In view of simple operation, it is widely used in farm and small-scale organic fertilizer production. It is suitable for composting various animal manure and agricultural wastes. Its working principle is similar to crawler type.

When it moving forward, the rotary shaft with turning tooth underneath the machine will rotate at a constant speed and turn the materials evenly. After turning, the materials in the inner part and outer part will be mixed evenly for further fermentation. With the help of compost windrow turner, you will get quality compost in 20-30 days. In order to better adjust moisture, you can equip compost turner with water spray system, which can add water to compost pile in time.


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What’s the role of compost windrow turner in windrow composting?

During manure composting system, many factors influence the quality of compost, including moisture, temperature, oxygen content, PH value and so on. Compost windrow turner will evenly turn the compost pile and remix organic wastes. In this way, windrow turner can indirectly adjust fermentation conditions. microorganisms will consume oxygen, moisture to digest organic matters in animal waste. When the windrow composting facility turns the compost pile, the heat and water which is in form of vapor will escape from the compost windrows. At the same time, materials in different parts will be remixed for uniform composting and fully contact with air. With favorable moisture, temperature and oxygen content, fermentation will go smoothly.

Compost windrow turner plans or solution to deal with customer’s requirements

1.8 meter windrow compost turner Italy

This kind of compost windrow machine to some extent solves our customer facing problem from Italy which is custom. Our engineers adopt new technology in windrow composting to design this type. Compared to others, the turner’s width decides the amount of turning width. And in terms of turning height, row space , capacity we need to take into consideration seriously. Therefore, in the process of making windrow compost turners, any equipment should be required for turning windrow composting system. Or they can not be used regularly to make compost. On the other hand, it has high work efficiency and reduce investment cost for our Italian customer. He is very satisfied with our products. Then, he sent videos and pictures in his plants. What’s more, we can customize any kind of model for your fertilizer plant if you need. Pl send us emails as soon as possible.

Small scale windrow compost turner African for small fertilizer plants

Small scale compost windrow turner for sale from our company is very popular around the world. Obviously, small fertilizer plants have a lot in the world, even small farm waste plants. Meanwhile, compost windrow turner unit cost is very competitive and economic among all manure to fertilizer equipment. With the help of our salesman, our African client chooses this model to make fertilizer. Windrow turner for municipal waste composting, goat manure compost, pig manure compost, organic waste, etc., are possible to make them into fertilizer. The project can make 500-700 square meters per hour capacity which satisfies our clients needs. At the budget, less investment can be poured into the business. It is the best choice for small fertilizer plants.

What is windrow composting and its benefits?

Windrow composting is an easy and efficient way to making organic waste composting, especially for fermenting animal manure. Generally speaking, we usually adopt turned windrow composting to deal with animal manure. During this process, compost turner machine will remix the compost pile for aerating it. The first step to make windrow composting is to pile organic wastes in long rows or windrows.

The height and width of compost pile can be decided according to the model of compost turner. The fermentation starts when you finish building compost piles. Proper moisture (45%-60%), suitable temperature (60 degree centigrade) and enough oxygen will provide favorable environment for microorganism activities. During composting, you can regularly turn the compost pile. Finally, you will get quality compost in 20-30 days.

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Benefits of dealing organic waste by windrow composting

As we all know, fresh animal manure not only occupies much space but also has odor. However, the volume and odor of animal manure will greatly decrease after composting. What is important is that animal manure will become biologically stable and humic substances under the role of microorganisms after composting. Then, you can use composted animal wastes as soil amendments, mulches and natural fertilizer. In addition, windrow composting has no special requirements on operation and site. Therefore, it will be your prior choice to deal with animal waste by composting.

Cost of windrow turner compost production in our company

As a fertilizer equipment supplier, our company, has new technology in windrow composting and professional windrow turner production experience. Therefore,if you purchase compost windrow turner with high quality, our factory can be your best choice. There are three kinds of valuable information you have to know: 1> We are fertilizer equipment maker, but not third agency. You will not spend middle fees to increase your budget. In terms of this point, it can directly reduce your cost so that you can have more benefits. 2> One stop service can be offered in details. Compared with third parties, we can provide you with expert advice and guide so that you can get reasonable information in a short time. 3> As for the parts of making windrow turners, they are very cheap. Because our cooperators are very reliable, we have cooperated with each other for more than 20 years. They always give a special offer. Relatively speaking, our cost has large competitiveness. You can buy them at a ideal price.

Where can you use SEEC compost windrow turner?

SEEC windrow compost turner is widely used in organic waste composting and organic fertilizer production line. On the one hand, you can use it to deal with animal wastes on your own farm , commercial compost fertilizer production and industrial composting. On the other hand, it is suitable for composting livestock manure (such as pig manure, horse manure, cow dung), poultry manure (such as chicken manure), agricultural waste (such as straw, rice hull, cornstalk) and garden waste (leaves and grass).

SEEC self-propelled compost turner to Peru
SEEC self-propelled compost turner to Peru

Generally speaking, you need to adopt at least 60% animal manure in making quality compost, and the other agricultural and garden waste can be used as auxiliary materials.


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Tips on windrow composting

  • Before composting, the moisture of materials should be 45% to 60%. The test method: when you squeeze a handful of organic waste, it should hold together but not exude excess water.
  • When the temperature of compost pile achieves 60-70 degree centigrade, you should begin to turn the compost pile. Because of too higher temperature will inhibit microorganism activities, then influence composting.
  • You had better place windrows under shelter, so as to prevent bad weather.
  • The size of compost piles should be not too small, or it will be difficult for compost pile to heat up.

Special design of windrow compost turner—water spray system

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