What’s the complete process to produce organic fertilizer?

Generally speaking, the organic fertilizer can be powdery and granular. And the corresponding production processes are as below:

The complete fertilizer powder production process and machines include composting (compost turner) —forklift feeder (to guarantee the continuous supply of raw materials) —crushing (compost crusher) —screening (rotary screen machine) —stock bin for temporary storage (storage fertilizer for packaging process) —packaging (automatic packaging machine).

Fertilizer pellets production is more complex than fertilizer powder production line. Its production process is: composting (compost turner) — crushing (compost crusher) —screening (rotary screen machine) —granulating (disc granulator/new type organic fertilizer granulator) —drying and cooling (take extra moisture away) — screening (select out unqualified pellets) — packaging (automatic packing machine).

  How about the area for build organic fertilizer production line?

It depends on daily production and machines you select. Different equipment collocations may occupy different space. You can send your actual requirements to us, and our engineer can design production plan and equipment arrangement for you.

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